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From the return process to marketing - Use all the possibilities now.

Sales promotion

Promotion and sales events

We offer you special events, suited for your product, at your location, at our auction houses or online, including e.g.:

  • focal point auction events
  • online auctions for particular target groups
  • live auction events e.g. for the opening of a new special offer or a field of business
  • B2C events like charity auctions

Sales and monitoring applications

In handling the marketing, we collect extensive data at all times. We place this data at your disposal as follows:

a) direct access to process-related data on our systems, for use in your own monitoring instruments
b) with process-related statistics and analyses prepared by us.                              


  • up-to-date
  • early identification of positive and negative trends
  • calculation options for purchasing and sales
  • management of purchasing plan with regard to manufacturers, models, configuration
  • early identification of export trends

The international focus of our evaluations facilitates statements on the required needs and trends at new stations, in the equipping of vehicles, etc. The processing can take place in your own cockpit system or in one supplied by and adapted to your needs. It will automatically provide all the steps in the process, from input, to application and output, all the way to the decision to use.

Inventory management

We assist you with extensive advice for managing your vehicle inventory. We monitor the current inventory of vehicles for you and supply you with specific data such as e.g. changes in the residual value or the average sales prices. Likewise, we provide active recommendations for possible distribution channels for individual segments, manufacturers or series in your portfolio.

With the inclusion of in the life cycle management of your product, we make active inventory management possible by giving recommendations for the distribution channel of products before they are physically in the inventory. In recommending distribution channels, we can access the data and information of our national and international sales team and make recommendations for future market developments.

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