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Issues such as price pressure, rising costs and the search for new sales markets are becoming increasingly important for our globally operating customers. For this reason, we see it as our job to put your company in a position to react to new developments at any time and thus be able to successfully participate in international markets. 

We view our services as a complex product. Our business consulting not only considers all the processes, but also all the sub-areas of your company and goes beyond the pure consideration of simple performance indicators.     

By working with us, you enjoy a contact that relies on a large pool of experts to supply the desired information, and does so irrespective of whether it involves national or international projects. Our supplies the solution - with measurable success.

Peter Lindner, member of the Board of Management of Auktion & Markt AG

What is Consulting Consulting assists you with its extensive market experience in order to meet the challenges of the car industry from a new perspective. Together with you, we systematically focus every part of the company on success. Solely instruments that we use are relied on, and their efficiency can be measured in the results. This begins with analysis and strategic planning, and extends to IT and after-sales solutions.

You will also profit from our network of partnerships, which includes numerous prominent small and large companies in the car world throughout Europe.

Depending on the target group, we differentiate between consulting services and instruments on the basis of your company's core business – please select the correct area in the menu above.

We speak with each other, since your success is our motivation!