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From the return process to marketing - Use all the possibilities now.



Complete calculation of value by experts at DEKRA or TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) in compliance with audit requirements, for all vehicle categories and types of marketing.

  • Status reports
  • Return report
  • Accident appraisal

Data entry

High-quality presentation of vehicles thanks to the professional infrastructure in our expertise centres or at your location. 
We can follow your instructions and wishes in the preparation of the data and use it directly for marketing or for the presentation of your inventory online.

Return process offers a holistic bid process that includes:

  • output
  • return and documentation of condition
  • cancellation of registration
  • document handling
  • recommendation for use

We offer you all of the aforementioned services in our existing competency centres.


Our national and international logistics network offers these and other services:

  • transport
  • storage
  • input
  • distribution
  • preparation

Competency centre

We reproduce the entire marketing process in our national and international logistics centres.

At present, we can provide a complete reproduction of the individual steps up to marketing in our national locations within 4 days of the vehicle's delivery:

  • preparation of interior and exterior
  • entry of data in accordance with the Autobid standard and illustration in specially set-up photo cabins; possibility of customer-specific adjustment
  • preparation of a residual value appraisal by DEKRA/TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency)
  • summary of vehicle data in the systems of
  • transfer to the end customer

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