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Open up new market segments in the automotive sector.

Automotive solutions

Marketing campaigns

We accompany the launch of the widest range of finance products with suitable marketing campaigns, as e.g. when

  • loan products
  • means of payment
  • private banking

should be launched for new markets, target groups or market segments. We prepare this accordingly through extensive market analyses.Specially for the automotive sector, we make you customised offers in the areas of:

  • leasing, financing products, insurance products,
  • means of payment,
  • inventory financing

    Sales and monitoring applications

    The diverse possibilities for using the existing cockpit systems or ones supplied by - which display the status of marketing at any time - let us make reliable statements for our customers such as:

    • residual value forecasts for financing and leasing
    • residual value development in the course of product cycles
    • risk management
    • throughput and process times

    Inventory management

    We assist you with extensive advice for managing your vehicle inventory. We monitor the current vehicle inventory for you and supply you with specific data such as the changes in demurrage 1, 2 and 3 and the average sales prices, for example.

    Likewise, we provide active recommendations for possible distribution channels for individual segments, manufacturers or series in your portfolio. In recommending distribution channels, we can access the data and information of our national and international sales team.

    In order to be informed about the current vehicle inventory at all times, we offer you various solutions in order to achieve the required and desired key performance indicators in your inventory. These solutions range from an IT-supported cockpit system to the monitoring of the vehicle during the entire life cycle. We consider in particular short-, medium- and long-term market developments in all of Europe and actively point out possible risks.

      Handling adapted sales processes

      For your vehicle inventory, we include your already existing process steps and those developed together with when offering the preparation, execution and review of national and international sales processes.
      In order to ideally design the structure of the existing vehicle inventory for purchasing, we support you with our IT-based market observation instruments. All key performance indicators are delivered in accordance with orders and tailored to the customer.

      Marketing tools

      For the successful marketing of your product, we offer you various instruments in order to achieve the best possible results at all times in accordance with the demands you place on us:

      • sales in the B2B area via live, net-live and online auctions
      • national and international online auctions with open or specially selected bidding groups
      • marketplaces in your CI
      • sales by phone
      • time business
      • support through mobile applications. 

      In the B2C segment, we work out the required steps with the inclusion of the sales team from

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