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Remarketing raises many questions. Our answers will persuade you.

IT solutions

Marketing tools

The extensive IT-supported marketing tools such as

  • marketplace
  • national auctions
  • international auctions
  • open auctions
  • closed auctions
  • time business

will be shown in your CI, upon request.


Direct access to immediately available vehicle offers, with connected transport option.
There is the option of individualisation with regard to

a) the seller, e.g. layout in your CI
b) the offered product, e.g. new/used car
c) the addressed target group (sales organisation, dealer, end customer).


Our broad-based auction tool is available in 22 languages and offers you an international platform for the quick marketing of large and small vehicle inventories with the best possible result.
In closed auctions, it is possible to admit only customers you have selected.
In open auctions, we offer you the possibility of targeting all customers registered at

Time business

Time business offers the option of marketing before the return of the financed, leased or transferred product.
The widest array of vehicle types can be pre-marketed according to set parameters such as mileage or open damage upon return.


  • anticipatory inventory management
  • demurrage management
  • minimisation of process times

Marketing can take place at cash value or at the residual value of the product.

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