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Vehicle dealers

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Project development

Optimisation of existing processes

In accordance with the assigned task, we jointly analyse the existing and installed processes and develop a process plan with you. This helps you to observe and, if necessary, to optimise these processes                                                                                         

a) in terms of cost, and
b) in terms of time and effort.

Additionally, we systematically review the dealer networks and show you the options for distribution and pricing for certain series or segments.

Marketing strategies

We work with you to jointly develop the right combination of possible marketing forms that will lead to an economically successful result in light of the existing vehicle inventory and the current purchasing behaviour.

The focus of the strategy is both national and international, whereby we can also access the data and information of our large European sales team and other partners in the case of an international focus. 

We also help to support marketing success with:

  • extensive sales and monitoring applications
  • sales training

Marketing campaigns

We accompany the launch of your product or event with suitable marketing instruments and track it all the way from preparation and implementation to final review. In the process, we use the experiences and data of our national and international sales teams and networks.

Brand placements

Based on the task assigned to us and an extensive analysis of your needs, we select and coordinate with you the right instruments for brand placement. We accompany you from the selection of the content and target groups, through the individual steps in implementation and publication, all the way to the completion of the campaign.

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