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From the return process to marketing - Use all the possibilities now.

Strategic planning - process support

Handling adapted sales processes

In accordance with your specifications, we include your already existing processes developed together with when offering the preparation, execution and review of national and international sales processes.

For example, it is possible to use your own IT system or one provided by and optimised for you. The IT system will contain all the steps in the process, from input to application and output, all the way to the decision to use.

Marketing tools

For the successful marketing of your vehicles, we offer you various instruments in order to achieve the best result for each product:

  • sales in the B2B area via live, net-live and online auctions
  • national and international online auctions with open or specially selected bidding groups
  • sales by phone
  • time business for end customer or professional used car dealer

Market analyses

We will handle the accompanying market analysis by using evaluations of markets in individual countries and regions as well as internal and external market data. The analysis includes the special legal and other framework conditions for car rental.

We provide you with all the required information and make a recommendation on the best strategy.
In preparing this information, we rely on national and international performance indicators for markets, which are supplied by our own sales team and other partners.

Sales management

Our extensive information and data will address the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the offered products, and let us determine reliable trends for the perfect sales channel.  We can also provide additional support by accessing our 25 years of experience in used car marketing and the information that our national and international sales team supplies.

Product placement

By collecting an enormous amount of data and providing comprehensive advice, we work with you step by step to identify and optimise existing income potential, e.g. through:

  • a complete consideration of the used car inventory
  • detailed analyses with regard to the composition of the inventory

The findings here can then be implemented e.g. in

  • special events for new products
  • national and international auctions
  • local events at your location.

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