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Open up new market segments in the automotive sector.

IT solutions

Marketing tools and integrated finance applications

We offer comprehensive service in the marketing of your product thanks to our integrated finance application. Here, we offer you and our customers service from one source and include your products in the leasing, financing and insurance.

The extensive IT-supported marketing tools such as

  • marketplace
  • national auctions
  • international auctions
  • open auctions
  • closed auctions
  • time business

will be shown in your CI, upon request, and can produce positive synergies in combination with the offers in finance applications.

    Distribution channels

    Our broad-based auction tool is available in 22 languages and offers you an international platform for the quick marketing of large and small vehicle inventories with the best possible result.

    For example, we offer the following services for the automotive sector:

    • closed auctions where only customers you select are admitted
    • open auctions with the possibility of targeting all the customers registered at
    • internet exchanges: We have the ability to export data to over 100 national and international vehicle exchanges, offering you another sales channel that accesses the existing sets of data at

    All the available distribution channels can be adjusted to the special needs of our customers.

    B2B / B2C

    Extensive offers in marketing require consulting that is tailored to various target groups. Here, we act as a hub between the targeted customer groups and our clients by facilitating active customer loyalty.
    We implement the use of our offer in inbound and outbound services and coordinate it with you.


      A time business offer gives you the opportunity to market your goods to dealers or private buyers before the actual end of use and thus reduce the costs for storage and inventory administration. You use a pre-defined matrix with certain parameters in order to determine the sales price of the product. Possible deviations are equalised and rounded off upon physical return. This product is particularly designed for product inventories of a similar type and quality.

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